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SOHMAR's instructors are OUTSTANDING!! They make learning anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology interesting and fun, and are incredible massage therapists themselves who teach you great massage therapy techniques. Not to mention, the instructors prepare you for real-world, business experience. It was the fastest, best year of my life! I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend SOHMAR and am going to miss classes each week. Anyone considering going to school for massage therapy should consider SOHMAR if you want a great education! Jennifer Slevin/2016 Graduate

Mike is an awesome teacher! Not only did they teach me Reflexology, but also had the resources to help me figure out how to set up my business. SOHMAR is able to expose you to different resources outside of the regular classroom setting. Elizabeth Gindt/Reflexology & Massage Student 2016

When considering a career in massage therapy I did my research on many schools, I checked out things like accreditations, locations, pre-req's, program flexibility and price. The best research I decided to do was I made it a point to find graduates or students from different massage schools and receive a massage from them, I mean how is there a better way to know what you are gonna learn but to feel it. The massages I received from the SOHMAR student were like none I had ever received before. They were like they were designed just for me, and my student massage therapist was only a couple months into school. I didn't realize until then that massage was more of an art, no two has be exactly the same. Most of the other schools in the area teach you the same thing, a cookie cutter massage routine, to perform on everyone, every time, and the book work to pass your test. You can be successful with any school if you try hard enough, but SOHMAR stands apart for so many reason it wasn't a question of which was the school for me. I drove an hour from home to attend SOHMAR rather then the closer schools I could have gone to because unlike some of the other schools like the LMT programs at community colleges etc there are no pre-requirements to enter, no semesters to wait for, you are there to learn massage when you are ready to learn it and ready to graduate and go to work in the amount of time you are only done with your pre-reqs at other schools. I didn't need a student loan, there was no waiting on when I could afford to go back to school or do I have the credit to get a loan, its all done through the school. Flexibility, I had two toddlers, fulltime school was not an option and what happens if they get sick? In the words of the SOHMAR owner Mike "Life happens", they get it, and are there to help you succeed no matter what life throws at you, you can make it work. SOHMAR teaches you not only everything you need to know to become a LMT but helps you become a unique well rounded massage therapist that can feel prepared after your year there, to take your boards and be able to be an amazing massage therapist in any atmosphere from chiropractic, to spa, to owing your own company and beyond, because they prepare you for and support you in it all. I couldn't have asked for any more in a school.
Mandy 'Martinez' Erikson/2015 Graduate

MIKE IS A GREAT TEACHER. He loves what he does and it shows. Kathy Lewandowski/2013 Graduate

Anyone considering a career in massage should attend SOHMAR. As a graduate I have paid for many massages none compare in thoroughness. Key areas (gluteals, abdominals and neck) are usually neglected even when requested. I love my school! Lori Williams/2014 Graduate

We are so lucky to have SOHMAR provide massage after long runs on the Prairied Path. Can't thank you enough. Big thank you. Rick Johnson/Glen Ellyn Runners Club 2016

Healing comes from the hands, mind, heart and soul. This is particularly true for Mike McAleese and SOHMAR. Mike starts the healing process by getting to know you, before he even starts to help fix what's hurting. He is empathetic and compassionate in tune with the people he comes in contact with. Many times in my own experience, I don't even have to tell him where I hurt (whether emotionally or physically) he just knows. He is a healer through and through and has an innate ability to understand and genuinely care for those under his care, and those he cares about. He passes on this very gift of healing to his students at SOHMAR so that they too can head out into the world with the knowledge and the wisdom to do good unto others. I have the Honor and Privileged of calling Mike a friend and my world is a better place because he is in it. Nandini Asar/Client and Glen Ellyn Runner

SOHMAR teaches you not only everything you need to know to become a LMT but helps you become a unique well rounded massage therapist. They prepare and support you for it all. I couldn't have asked for any more in a school! Mandy Erikson

SOHMAR offers a competitive massage therapy program! The flexibility and cost structure of the program allowed for me to complete the program in a year and launch a successful massage therapy business. Massage Therapy is such a wonderful career choice. I wish I started it several years ago! Check SOHMAR out! Al Kohen

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