School advising & registration

  • admission requirements
    Students must meet the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education requirements to attend SOHMAR. You must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and no record of a criminal history. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, financial status, sex, country of origin or residence.
  • Academic Grading and Support Services
    Grading Scales & Criteria for certification require the following:
    1. Minimum average of 80% on all written and practical exams.
    2. Satisfactory and timely completion of all assignments, reports, and critiques.
    3. Attendance of at least 80% of all classes.
    4. Completion of all required course work at least two weeks prior to graduation.
    5. Timely payment-in-full of all tuition and fees.
    6. A certificate will be awarded at time of graduation.
    Students are graded on written and practical/hands on tests. Administrative affairs are managed by Michael McAleese (Director). The school provides a 24 hour voice mail in which all calls will be returned on the day they are received or by the next business day. Requests for information can be made by calling (630) 968-7827 or by email at [email protected]
  • tuition and payment programs NEW 18 MONTH FINANCE PROGRAM for massage therapy program!!!!
    SOHMAR offers payment programs for Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Continued Education courses. CEU's classes which are hosted by other providers must be paid in full. If an applicant has elected to pay in installments the payments must be made as scheduled or applicant will have his/her training interrupted until all payments are current. The down payment for each class must be paid prior to attendance of the first class. Books, registration, and other materials are at an additional cost to the student.

School policies & procedures

payment programs and low finance fees-NEW 18 MONTH FINANCE PROGRAM!!!!
SOHMAR OFFERS payment options for ALL our programs. What most our students like about SOHMAR is you can still work while attending. Paying as you go to school gives you the opportunity to start your new career DEBT free.
We offer a weekly & montlhy payment program for our certifications. Although we do not take federal grant money, we offer affordable tuition and payment plans.

Rules of conduct
SOHMAR takes pride in providing a non-threatening environment for all students. Any unprofessional behavior is grounds for dismissal.
For a complete list of rules of conduct see the school catalog.

Job Board

The school can not guarantee employment for any student or graduate, however we will post any job openings that we become aware of on the school job board or on our closed Facebook page for students and graduates.

Flexible schedule
SOHMAR offers a relaxed atmosphere and flexible schedules to fit many lifestyle. Our flexible schedule is the reason working adults or those who wish to make a career change choose SOHMAR.


Of the 23,000 schools in the US only about 300 are accreditated. These schools are usually large Universities with costly tuition to cover administration costs. The accreditation process is a completely voluntary accolade and NOT a requirement to operate a massage school in Illinois.
Due to the small class size, SOHMAR has not sought accreditation. This also enables us to keep our tuition affordable for our students.
SOHMAR has reported impressively high graduation and Mblex passing rates. This static proves that we are offering solid programs without the high costs associated with accreditated Universities.

Michael McAleese, was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame on August 8, 2016. This is quite a feat, being that there are over 300,000 Massage Therapists and 23,000 private Massage Schools in the US alone. Choosing SOHMAR for your education means that you will be taught by a documented leading expert in the field! Over 98% of our Graduates passed the Mblex exam on the first try during the 2016-17 grad year and 95% are working successfully in the field. Student Enrollment Disclosure as from July 1,-June 30 reporting Period.


The School of Holistic Massage and Reflexology is approved to operate by Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools through the Illinois Board of Higher Education.
Questions or concerns may be made by contacting: The Illinois Board of Higher Education Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools
1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza,
Suite 333
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1394
Complaint Call Line: (217) 557-7359

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Low Finance Fees

Our finance program makes it possible to be on your way to a new career in just 9 months!