hall of fame

2016 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee
15 time Marathon Runner
2 time Ironman Competitor
5 Ultra Marathon Runner (50 mi)
Master Swimmer Naperville Waves

Reflexology 1992
Redfern Training Systems (RTS)

Massage Therapy 1993
Redfern Training Systems (RTS)

Applied Kinesiology Training 1994
Cranio Sacral 1999

Lymph Drainage Massage 2010
Ishman Bodycare

Integrative Movement Specialist and Advanced Training IMS 2011
Fitness Education Seminars
by Evan Osar

Posture and Movement Instructor
Level 1, 2013 Massage Therapy Insider/Fitness Education Seminars

Oncology Massage, Isabel Adkins 2014

NKT ™ Neurokinetic Therapy™
Level 1, 2014 Certified Practitioner

Functional Integrative Therapy 2015

Rocktape Certified Training 2015

AIS Active Isolated Stretching 2016

Massage Therapy and Breast Cancer 2015-2016

Barefoot Specialist 1,2&3 2015-16

DeroneuroModulation 2015-2016

The Holistic Massage Center, Michael McAleese, 630-968-7827

Professional Services

515 Ogden Ave., Suite 300
Downers grove IL

Michael still runs a very successful massage and reflexology practice in the same location as the school. He works with many clients with sports injuries IMS, NKT, Sports Massage, as well as providing Massage & Reflexology for relaxation and stress relief. Call for an appointment.

Reflexology 30 minute session $40
Massage 30 Minute $40
Sports Massage 30 minutes $50
Massage 60 Minute $80
Oncology Massage $80
Lymph Drainage $80
Cranio Sacral 60 minutes $80
Corrective exercise & Movement assessment 30 minutes $50
Rocktape with assessment $80

Meet the Rock Tape Doc


Michael has been certified in Rocktape taping, which is quickly becoming a tool that assists his clients function and movement and helps faciilitate injury recovery and prevention. Mike has used ROCKTAPE on his clients who are semi-pro athletes, week-end warriors and even his clients in their 90's!

Key benefits of using Rocktape:
Assists to decrease pain
Assists to reduce swelling
Allows full range of movement

Symptoms Rocktape might Assist:
Muscle pain or cramping
Joint pain
Poor posture
Inflammation or bruising

Rocktape with assessment $80

Certified as an Integrated Movement Specialist (IMS)

As an athlete and Massage Therapist, Mike offers gait training and injury assessment using IMS. He trained with Evan Osar in 2011 and was certified as a Integrated Movement Specialist. He assists and evaluates many people from all walks of life.

Using IMS Michael works one-on-one with each individual to gain function and strength to compete competitively and assess injury through corrective movement exercise.

NKT ™ Neurokinetic Therapy™
Level 1, Certified Practitioner

NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system, is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/ coordination problems at their root in the motor control center in the cerebellum. The NKT protocol actually reprograms the dysfunctional routines stored in the motor control center. This allows the practitioner to treat the cause of dysfunction instead of the symptoms.

Massage and Breast Cancer & Oncology Massage


There have been many myths in the past about Massage and Reflexology being unsafe for cancer patients. Since then the myths have challenged and over turned by evidence based research. Today, more hospitals and mainstream clinics are aware of the benefits of massage therapy and reflexology and have added it to their treatments.

Both massage and Reflexology are widely used as part of people's health maintenance. As a massage therapist and instructor, I offer different types of bodywork that support cancer patients and survivors by integrating both Western and Eastern modalities to address the symptoms and side-effects of both treatments and disease.

My goal when working with cancer patients, survivors and their family members, is to utilize the holistic approach to provide relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

Michael trained under Eeris Kallil & Isabel Adkins, both top in the field of Oncology Bodywork.